The following summary is a probate checklist of all the relevant details and documentation that the executor / administrator or probate solicitor will require to be able to administer an estate.

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1) Last Will & Testament

Is there one? Where can it be found? when was it made? Who drafted the will? Will ref #no

2) Who to Contact

Partner/Spouse / Children / Close Family & Friends

3) Other Important people to contact

The deceased’s Financial Advisor, Insurance Broker, Solicitors , Accountants, Doctor, Tax Office.

4) Employment Details

National Insurance Number, Employers Name, Address, Telephone Number, Payroll Number, Who to Contact and are there any contributions to a Pension Plan.

5) Documents to be found

Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Life Assurance Policies, Critical Illness Policy, Income Protection Policy, Personal Accident Policy, Private Health Policy, Car Insurance Policy, Home Contents Policy, Building Insurance Policy, Pension Plan(s), Share Certificates, Deeds to any Properties, Details of any, Enduring Power of Attorney, Advance Medical Directive (Living Will), lasting Power of Attorney 1) Financial: Lasting Power of Attorney 2) Personal:

6) Bank and Building Society Accounts

Details of all Bank/Building Society Accounts including the following info:

Bank/Building Society, Branch, Telephone Number, Name of Account, Account Number:

7 ) Property (to be completed for each property owned by the deceased)

Mortgage & Insurance(s)

Mortgage Company, Telephone Number, Mortgage Amount (£),Mortgage Ref. Number, Property Insurance Co, Telephone Number, Amount of Cover (£), Policy Number, Contents Insurance

Co, Telephone Number ,Amount of Cover (£), Policy Number.

8) Insurance Policies

Details of all Insurance Policies and the name of the Insurance Company, telephone number, What the Policy covers, Minimum £Amount Covered and Policy nos.

These Insurances can include all Critical Illness Policy, Income Protection Policy, Private Health Policy, Dental Health Policy, Personal Accident Cover, Car Insurance, Pets Insurance

LIFE INSURANCE – The Probate Solicitor will require details of all Life Insurance policies with details of the Insurance Company ,Telephone Number, Policy Number, Whether the policy is in trust to someone.

9) Pension Plan (s)

Who each Plan is provided by, Pension providers telephone number, Type of pension ,Pension Plan Number, Death Benefit (£), In Trust to:

10) Investments

Details of ALL the deceased investments such as shares, unit trusts, savings certificates and Premium Bonds and details such as Investment Type, Provider, Telephone Number and Relevant Details:

11) Credit and Store Cards

Card Type, Card Number, Card Company & Phone number.

12) Any Other Important Information

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