Not just peace of mind, but save on fees as well

Executors of a Will looking for suitable Probate services are now able to access a network of experienced solicitors at ELM Legal services at a fixed rate through their new website: www.practical-probate.co.uk

For users this means quick contact with specialist solicitors with no referral or upfront fees, potentially saving thousands in overall costs.

Practical Probate has emerged in response to many areas of this legal industry coming under scrutiny for its perceived excessive charges. The UK-based company reviewed data which suggests the average cost for administering an estate works out, on average, as between 3% and 5% of an estate’s value, before VAT and disbursements.

“Our aim is to provide a standardised, fixed rate fee for probate services,” explains Mr. Shaw: “the normal costs incurred by engaging solicitors or banks can vary by several thousands of pounds. In most cases we have encountered, this has meant a lower amount of inheritance for the beneficiaries and in some cases, the executors have had to use their own savings or take out loans to cover the costs of the estate administration.
“It is our intention to challenge these largely inconsistent fees and pricing structures by offering a fixed fee probate service; carried out only by ELM Legal solicitors, with their standing reputation in customer care standards.”

The compromise is that the customers will not know who will be handling their case until they are contacted. Again, Mr. Shaw believes that choosing between names is not an important factor:

“Legal comparison sites do not show you the best rates offered by individual companies until after you have entered your details. Our model supersedes this, since regardless of where you are in the country, the solicitor who receives your details is fully accredited and guaranteed to work to the agreed fixed fee.”

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