Efficient Professional Probate Service at an agreed price.

A fixed fee probate service simply means that we can and will give you a quote that you can trust. You’ll pay no less, and no more.

Whats more, we can give you a probate quote simply through a free phone call to us, and just a few minutes later, you’re free to make an informed decision.

Please either call us today on 0808 223 9012 or complete the free enquiry form on the right hand side of this page, and we will be delighted to answer them.

You see, Practical Probate was created to help those in the UK deal with probate quickly and efficiently, using the modern means such at the internet and telephone, but at the same time keeping the service confidential and personal – especially during this time in your life when you really need a friendly and professional legal support service such as ours. We are sure that can deal with grants of probate quicker than most other probate services in the UK, so if time is an issue, you’ve come to the right place.

Our Probate Costs Explained

Before commencing any work, ‘Practical Probate’ will assess the work involved and prepare a quote of a fixed fee probate service rather than hourly rates or percentages of estate value that is charged by most banks / high street solicitors. Payment for the probate service is made only once the estate has been distributed and the beneficiaries are in receipt of funds from the estate.

Once the Grant of Probate/Letters of administration have been obtained, Practical Probate will;

  • Research and list all the assets, property, savings and other investments of the deceased
  • Getting the estate professionally valued (if required)
  • Ensure the will is probated correctly
  • Gather up information on outstanding debts and bills
  • Calculate what income and inheritance taxes are due and making any necessary tax returns and payments
  • Complete and submit all necessary probate registry forms
  • Recover any assets
  • Settle any outstanding debts from the estate
  • Ensure all assets are bestowed to the correct beneficiaries
  • Account for the estate and demonstrate to the beneficiaries the distribution of the estate

A Fixed Fee price that you can trust

When we provide you with a fixed fee quotation, that is the price you will pay.We are confident that we can provide the most competitively priced service and are happy to match any comparable quote.

We understand that you may need to deal with a will or grant of probate quickly and efficiently. ‘Practical Probate’ operates across England & Wales and specialise only in probate services. We will gladly visit you in your own home to make the process as easy as possible for you.

Fixed Fee Probate Quotation

Please either call us now on 0808 223 9012 or complete the Free Online Enquiry.