2012 – The Year Of Practical Probate

First of all, I’d like to welcome you to our site, and this, our 1st blog post.

A few wintry months have passed since our team was formed, and finally we’re all ready to go!

We hope that you find everything that you need right here on the website, and whatever can’t be done digitally, we’ll be doing in person as quickly and effectively as possible for you. If you feel that something is missing, or there is a way that we can help you more, please do leave a note below in the comments section.

Building the website, setting up the company, choosing the right design, setting up the free info line, working with server settings, and writing all the free guides and email courses has been a huge task, however we’re sure that you’ll make good use of it.

On behalf of the Practical Probate team,

I wish you all the best in sorting out your Probate.



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