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A 'fixed fee' probate service simply means that we can and will give you a quote that you can trust so that you are then free to make an informed decision. You’ll pay no more than the price we quote you.

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Wherever you are in England or Wales, we will visit you in your home, providing you with the most flexible probate service available. Why not call us now?

Intestacy -  who inherits if someone dies without a will?

Learn who is entitled to a share of someone’s money, property and possessions if they die without making a will. Read More

Free Probate Enquiry

For all of your probate enquiries, Practical Probate are here to help you. Please either call us today on 0808 223 9012 or complete the Free Online Enquiry.

Grant of probate 

Providing the deceased has written a will a ‘Grant of probate’ is a legal document which confirms that the executor has the authority to deal with the deceased person’s assets  If the deceased has not left a will (known as dying intestate) then the process is different and an application for a grant of letters of administration will need to be made. Read more 

Guide for Executors

Valuing the Estate; Applying for Probate; Collecting the Assets;Dealing with Income Tax; Property at Home; Assets Abroad; Distributing Assets ... Read more 


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